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Donate your functioning but unused iPod or other MP3 player to a great cause:

Hopefully, by now you’ve seen the video clip of “Alive Inside,” the documentary capturing the wondrous results of elderly nursing home patients being re-introduced to the music of their youth. … Daniel Cohen, the man who initiated bringing mp3 players into nursing homes and thus sparked filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennet into making the documentary, is in need of more music players.

“There’s a huge need for iPod donations at many public and private nursing homes, where the interest from patients who miss their favorite music is far greater than the arrival of donated iPods to our collection centers,” writes Music & Memory, Cohen’s organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the elderly through music.

If you have an old iPod that’s gathering dust, consider donating it to Music & Memory. The organization checks out—Cohen is the actual guy the documentary crew followed around for a year—so you can be sure your old iPod will go to good use. “We’ll accept old, new, used, and even broken or damaged iPod players that our volunteer team can check and repair if possible for use in one of our centers,” says Music & Memory. “Our residents don’t mind a few case scratches or decals.”

Click here for info on how to donate.

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